6ix Buzz

Website Development

6ix Buzz (pronounced as six-buzz) is a prominent Canadian entertainment company which shares anything from news, stories, and videos around a variety of spheres, primarily focused on sports and music. It is favored for the opportunity of sharing user-generated content among the community, which has drawn in a whopping 2 million Instagram and 48k Twitter followers. Such a platform requires an intuitive, user-friendly, and easy-to-use interface where visitors can easily interact with their latest content. For this, 6ix Buzz requested that we create a brand new website and this kick started our web development project for them.

Mobile Application Creation

In accordance with their brand image and vision, we built a website that was easy to navigate and put an emphasis on visual content. After the website was successfully launched, we moved to the next step of the development which was mobile optimization. However, instead of merely optimizing the website for mobile, we also designed and developed mobile applications for 6ix Buzz. All of their users’ favorite features are now available at the tap of a finger through their brand new mobile applications for both IOS and Android users.

Any entertainment business which aims to reach for the stars must invest in making their quality content accessible to a variety of users. Digilite was glad to have kickstarted expanding 6ix Buzz’s online presence through their web and app development project.