Rapido FX is an Ontario-based startup that’s bringing a fresh and innovative approach to traditional currency exchanges. Compared to taking your cash to a local currency exchange, Rapido FX made this process digital and quick by offering foreign cash delivery. With Rapido’s mission in mind, we knew they needed a neat and simple branding to match perfectly. The predominant colors we chose for both the logo and overall branding were dark grey and a matte gold. These shades together combine professionalism with shine. The application of the various currency icons around the logo add a subtle touch of what Rapido is all about.

Web Application Development

Our main task was to help make Rapido FX’s unique approach to currency exchange a reality by implementing a custom-built Wordpress currency exchange platform. With this, visitors could automatically view the exchange rate from Canadian dollar to any of the other four other currencies offered by Rapido. Users can easily select multiple currency exchange options which will later be used for submitting their order. All of this was made to be used with ease to heighten the user experience to its full potential.

We’re glad we played our part in creating Rapido Fx’s brand identity and kickstarting their online currency exchange platform.