Cadet Heat

Project Introduction

Cadet Heat is a Washington-based manufacturing company that manufactures electric and baseboard heaters along with their accessories. They have been doing this successfully for the past 57 years. Cadet carries hundreds of wall heaters, thermostats, and heating parts that they not only wanted to showcase, but make them purchasable directly from the website. We began developing their brand new website that would ensure a minimalistic design without distractions, an easily accessible experience for shoppers, and clear organization throughout the website. All of this is done by enhancing the experience of the user in mind through Shopify.

eCommerce Website Development

What was previously three separate websites, would now be compiled into one responsive website which included all of the parts of the previous, including a separate blog and information section along with a product catalog. The optimal solution, in this case, was migrating all of this into one domain with the use of redirects to decrease the possible loss of traffic. Despite this, the advantages of an eCommerce website ultimately outweighed the cons as shoppers can now purchase their heating essentials with ease through the platform. The change to a Shopify-based eCommerce website worked wonders for the SEO status of Cadet Heat’s website.

Cadet’s mission is to invite heat into thousands of households, and with the essence of their mission, we aimed to create an inviting website for their client base.