10 Social Media Tactics to Leave Behind in 2022


A social media marketing strategy needs to be refreshed and updated every now and then — once a year at the very latest. However, it’s easy to create habits and implement methods that become outdated. Before you know it, your team is utilizing outdated marketing strategies for weeks or months, harming your social media results. Let’s take a look at some of the most common outdated marketing techniques you need to say goodbye to in order to make way for the up-to-date marketing strategies of 2022.

1. Posting the Same Content Everywhere

When we create content that we’re proud of, we want to share it everywhere and anywhere. And that is precisely one of the outdated social media tactics you’re doing that is hurting your social media user engagement and other metrics. It’s probably a bad habit at this point that you need to gradually break out of. That doesn’t mean you need to make entirely new content for each social platform, but rather, make sure you can adjust it to fit the needs of each platform. For example, share a blog post to LinkedIn, use the main points of that blog to make a video for TikTok, and a carousel post for Instagram.

2. Switching Between Different Brand Voices

The use of memes is one of the old-school marketing tactics used to grab the attention of more audiences. It’s great if you decide to seize a new, fresh opportunity for a social post. However, if it is unrelated to your business vision or mission, it will be out of place. That goes for any type of content that deters from what you usually post on your business profile. If you decided on a more formal and professional brand voice at the beginning, don’t switch to more informal language in between posts, and vice versa. 

3. Not Investing in Paid Strategies

It is an age-old social media marketing myth that paid methods to gain traffic and views are bad. It’s best to have a healthy balance between paid and organic methods in 2022 to get the best results. The use of paid methods is an effective, immediate way to attract new clients to your business since viewers can’t look away from a compelling advertisement. With a few paid ads up and running, you can generate returning consumers that will last you for a lifetime if you play your cards right. 

4. Focusing Only on the Numbers

One of the most infamous social media tactics is following people to secure follow-backs. Not to mention the endless like-for-like, follow-for-follow, share-for-share, and similar strategies. The truth is, actions like that won’t bring you quality followers that are actually interested in your business. The goal of strategies like that is to increase follower and like counts. However, most social media users are no longer worried about likes or followers per se: they are more interested in conversions, engagement, and loyal users. 

5. Avoiding Video Content

One of the biggest social media trends in 2022 is the immense popularity of video content. We had YouTube and Instagram Stories for a while now, but TikTok changed the canvas of video content for the near future. Video content is considered to be refreshing, authentic, and closes the gap between the creator and viewer. If you have avoided it up until this point, it’s time to drop your old ways and get on board with video content. 

6. Not Utilizing Influencer Marketing

Anyone can be a social media influencer these days — and it’s not necessarily a bad thing! Someone with even a couple thousand followers can be a great choice for collaboration as long as the content they create is in line with your niche and values. It’s a fresh strategy that is worth trying out in order to not fall behind your competition. 

7. Posting Perfect Content

Having a pristine and perfect social media profile is among the list of outdated marketing strategies, believe it or not. Users are leaning more toward authenticity more than ever, especially in the post-COVID world. Everyone and everything is imperfect, so viewers are no longer attracted to businesses, influencers, products, and anything else that can’t admit they have imperfections also. 

8. Not Interacting With Users

Not interacting with your potential and current customers via social media and keeping yourself at a distance is outdated. Now, the more you interact with your followers and engage with them, the more engagement you can expect in return. Try to close the gap between your business and your audience!

9. Trying to Reach Everyone

Attracting customers through social media is an effective marketing tactic, but similar to all of your other approaches in business, you shouldn’t be targetting everyone on social media. Just as you have target demographics for all sorts of things, social media is no different. Take a look at your buyer persona and focus on targeting them instead of targeting anyone and everyone who might stumble upon your social media profile. 

10. Not Making Personalized Content

Last but not least, one of the social media tactics that you need to leave behind is creating generalized content. Clients — current and new — don’t want to feel like you are talking at them, but rather, with them. Make posts that ask questions, target smaller groups of your audience with your posts, share user-generated content, and so on.  Want to ensure your business is up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends and best practices? Digilite is your go-to digital marketing agency in UAE to help put your business on the map. Get in touch with us today.

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