25 Twitter Tools to Make Tweeting Easier, Faster


Twitter Analytics Tools

Use these online Twitter tools to measure your Twitter influence, reach, trends and popularity. Some offer more advanced analytics while others are simple tools you can use to see who is tweeting about you.

1.  Friend or Follow: find out if Twitter users you follow are following you back. You can also check if they are following the people following them.
2.  Tweet Effect: this Twitter tool is designed to filter Twitter data to show which of your own tweets made people follow or leave you.
3.  TweetLevel: a tool used to measure an individual’s importance on Twitter. Four key ranking metrics — influence, popularity, engagement and trust — are scored.
4.  TweetReach: search for a URL, Twitter name or phrase or hash tag and generate a report of the reach and exposure data for those tweets.
5.  TweetStats: graph Twitter stats including tweets per hour, tweets per month, tweet timeline and reply statistics.
6.  Tweettronics: Twitter metrics and brand monitoring tools. You can graph moving averages and trends, identify common phrases and words and many other options. Searches can be generated by topic, brand or person.
7.  Twinfluence: determine which major factors control your influence and power on Twitter. Measurements are provided for reach, velocity and social capitol.
8.  Twitalyzer: an analytics platform for Twitter that is available at three different levels of paid services (with a free trial available). Analysis is offered for sentiment, tagging, click-tracking and more.
9.  Twitter Analyzer: view graphs of your daily tweets, chats, popularity, reach and subjects.
10. Twitter Grader: see how influential you are on Twitter.  Simply type in your Twitter username and click the Grade button to see results.

Tools to Manage and Synchronize Twitter

You can use a number of Twitter tools to post short messages across multiple social media platforms from one single service. Other management tools simply help you tweet better.

11. Babller: the Babller service lets you read and post status updates on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin in a variety of languages. Babller will automatically translate your status to any of the selected languages.
12. BiggerTwitter: a Web-based tool that can be used to post tweets longer than 140 characters on Twitter. BiggerTwitter works by placing a link in the tweet.
13. Hellotxt: a social tool (for Web or mobile platforms) that lets you update Twitter and other social networking sites by clicking a single button. Currently, it supports 50 social network sites.
14. Lazyscope: lets you see shared links in your twitter stream without clicking through to view the site. You can use the tool to discover and follow streams from Twitter or any website.
15. LiveGo: a Web tool that lets you stay connected to multiple social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Instant Messenger clients and online email accounts, such as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo.
16. Natter: an online service that monitors your tweets and posts to your Facebook. Comments posted on Facebook are also posted to Twitter.

Twitter Tools for Websites

These Twitter tools let you display your latest tweets on your website, blog or other Web-based publishing space. Some Web tools may also be designed to allow other twitter users to have messages left in the display tweeted for them.

17. Jotabl: a “shoutbox” that you can display on your website and in which site visitors can leave comments. Your visitors can sign in via Twitter to add their message, and even have it tweeted for them.
18. TurnSocial: a free social toolbar that lets small business websites add popular social media and location based applications, in addition to content from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare and more.
19. Twitter Widgets: Twitter’s own widgets are compatible with any website and most social networks. You can customize this widget to display your latest updates on MySpace, Blogger, Facebook and Typepad, or you can get the code to use the widget on any of your personal Web pages.

Twitter URL Shrinker (URL Shorten) Services

A URL shrinker is an important Twitter tool. It’s an online service that takes a long URL you want to include in your Tweet and shrinks it down to save character space in your Tweet.

20. Bit.ly: shrink tweet URLs to 20 characters, plus track and share the shrunken URLs.
21. Goo.gl: Google’s own URL shortener. Offers short URLs, reliable service and good uptime.
22. ReTwtme: shorten, share, and track URLs posted on Twitter and other online publishing spaces.
23. t.co: Twitter’s own link service is used on all links included in Direct Message notification emails and can be used to shorten URLs — but only those posted on Twitter. It won’t work for other social platforms.
24. TinyURL: shrink your URLs to 23 characters on Twitter or any online publishing space.
25. v.gd: automatically generates URLs that are typically 18 characters long and offers statistics for the link.

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