Talent Beyond Boundaries

Online Platform for Global Refugees

Talent Beyond Boundaries’ (TBB) is a non-profit organisation aiming to provide international visa pathways for refugees and other forcibly displaced people to use their talents and skills to successfully rescue their future. As a part of TBB’s mission to connect those who are displaced by conflict with international job opportunities and support them in migration-related barriers, Digilite aimed to provide an easy-to-use and secure online platform for the talents.

Custom Built Web Application

Our main task in helping Talent Beyond Boundaries was to ensure a clean, simple design for the platform, where the detailed information about the skills and talents of the users can be easily filled in, categorised, stored, and filtered. This online platform was specifically designed to capture the skills and talents of refugees and other displaced people respecting their personal information and security.

We ended up with a fly functional, easy to use, and secure platform connecting for refugees and other forcibly displaced people to international job opportunities.