What is Clubhouse and How to Get Started


The clubhouse is an invite-only mobile application that has been shaking up the internet the past few weeks. If you’re wondering what the app itself entails and if it’s worth the hype, then you’ve come to the right place. The voice-only app, which may evolve into a new social media platform, is considered to be a hybrid of podcasts and panel discussions. Contrary to popular belief, Clubhouse isn’t new, it’s been around since 2020, but only just recently went viral after Elon Musk hosted a discussion room via the app and tweeted about it.

How to Join Clubhouse — All The Basics

What is Clubhouse and How to Get Started Digilite Blog

There isn’t an official number of Clubhouse users released to the public yet, but it currently stands at approximately 5.3 million app downloads. This may seem like a lot, but much of the app is still under wraps. How do you get a clubhouse invite? You are reliant on another person who already has invitations to give out to invite you via your mobile phone number. If you are able to receive an invitation, you will still need an IOS device to download the app. Invitations are passed on from someone who already has been invited to the app, which is where networking comes into the picture. Each new user is then granted two invitations to hand out to anyone they want and, like a domino effect, this chain continues.

Now that you’re all signed up, what can you do? In a word, the answer is networking. The idea of a chat room may bring up memories from the pre-social media era, and Clubhouse is, in fact, similar to this concept but more innovative and thought-provoking. You aren’t joining the rooms simply for a chat with friends since you can do this on basically any other social media or chatting application around. You’re essentially taking a glimpse at what conversations are happening all across the world and being an active participant in them. With internally renowned names such as Oprah, Drake, Elon Musk, and others having a Clubhouse account, the anticipation of new users joining the app increases.

How To Get More Invites on Clubhouse

What is Clubhouse and How to Get Started Digilite Blog

Those notorious Clubhouse invitations raise a lot of conversation, and other social platforms are swarmed with people wanting to know more. In reality, the invitation system isn’t all that unique. The app is currently in beta testing, and giving out “beta keys” to a limited number of users isn’t anything new. The same principle applies to the Clubhouse app. While everyone is eager to get their hands on an invitation, many are wondering how they are generated in the first place, and can you get more? New users who get invited and set up a profile receive anywhere from 1 to 2 invitations to give out, but you can actually get more throughout time. It depends on a variety of factors, such as: how active you are in hosting and participating in the app and how active the people who you invite are. The exact number of how many invites or “keys” you can obtain isn’t set in stone right now, but your activity on the app significantly helps your chances of receiving more.

Clubhouse Marketing

What is Clubhouse and How to Get Started Digilite Blog


Socializing and discussing aside, does Clubhouse propose any long-term significance for business owners and marketers? If Clubhouse is on the way to becoming the new Tiktok or Twitter, then it’s in any digital marketers’ best interest to test out the waters. Whether Clubhouse will include features such as paid advertising in the future is unknown for now, but you can utilize the app to its full potential for strengthening your brand awareness through networking nonetheless. Here’s how you can successfully market your brand via Clubhouse:

  • Join smaller rooms as opposed to ones with thousands of people — Joining a room with 5000+ participants to listen in to Silicon Valley investors is exciting, but it’s not the best outlet to make yourself known. In the audience, there is very little chance you’ll get recognition on a personal level since you blend in with the ocean of other members. Instead, actively participate in a smaller discussion where your opinion will stand out among the existing members.
  • Be the host with the most — Don’t just be a listener, be a talker. In your downtime, join rooms and listen in on the enticing discussions, but if you’re aiming to get others talking, then you need to actively host rooms as well.
  • Co-host other discussions — Whether it’s your room or someone else’s, don’t break out into a monologue. Invite other speakers to join in the panel discussion. This offers a diverse point of view for not only your followers or audience, but you gain traction from your speakers as well. You get the opportunity to tap into their followers as well through this collaboration.

Summing Up


Like all exclusive things, Clubhouse sparks intrigue among the parts of us which strive to be included in this exclusivity. Despite this, Clubhouse has mentioned the possible launch of public chat rooms in the future. The voice-only app has proven to spark a lot of conversation, literally, among audiences from all over the world, and it proposes great avenues for strengthening your brand identity via the app.

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