Keywords Everywhere: You’re Missing Out on This Tool


Search Engine Optimization has evolved from a one-dimensional game into more of a real-time “battle” that’s constantly evolving. As competition rises, professionals pursue innovative strategies such as finding new tools and hacks to increase their traffic thus ultimately increasing sales and ROI. Keywords Everywhere has picked up significant attention in the tech field, with over 3000 referring domains having downloaded the software one million times in its first year on the market. It is easy to use since Keywords Everywhere has a Chrome and Firefox extension that displays the search volume for keywords right in Google’s search bar, enabling you to save time and extract data from your screen instantly and get ahead of your competitors.

Keywords Everywhere will show you a wide range of metrics, such as search volume and cost per click, related to your keyword across a variety of platforms such as Google, Amazon, eBay, Youtube, and much more. Moreover, It’s a tool that brings SEO benefits to surfing the web, letting you search a keyword without having to make an extra click.

Imagine never spending as much time googling for new keywords again using different tools which will help you conserve time while doing keyword research. By combining multiple data into one, the byproduct data will help you explore more possibilities and boost the findings of your research further to get a competitive edge over your competitors.

Keyword Research vs. Other Keyword Research Tools

The fact that this extension does most of the hard work for you is one of the main benefits of using it compared to other keyword research tools.

  • Keywords Everywhere support lots of search engines, so start by searching for a keyword in one of them.
  • Add-on tools will help you stay on your webpage during your keyword research versus other tools such as Semrush and Ahrefs which will require you to leave to go to its dashboard and conduct your keyword analysis there.
  • Time-saving: This tool can save you time and effort that you can allocate on SEO tasks. Just type it into Google, and you should be able to see all the metrics right in front of you.
  • For those of you who sell products on Amazon or even on Kindle, this extension will help you figure out which keywords you should implement.
  • By increasing your sales rank, you will get more traffic from Amazon’s search engine, and ultimately more sales.
  • This extension integrates with various browsers and works a bit differently on each of them, so keep that in mind.

How to Use It

  • Sign up on Keywords Everywhere
  • To use the feature, click on the “K” icon at the top right of your browser. In the popup that opens, it will show you to buy credits
  • Clicking on the link will take you to the pricing page, where you can choose the package that fits your needs and most importantly your budget
  • After you’ve made the payment, your account will be credited with the appropriate number of credits to start your keyword research
  • Keywords Everywhere allows you to download your keyword list in different variations. It’s the best way to get a bulk keyword list. Whether you’re using the tool on Google Search Console, Google Analytics, or any other website or platform, you can download a list in Excel, CSV or in PDF file formats. This is most useful when you want to extract and create a large number of keywords since it makes it easy to copy and past
  • Marking your favourite keywords: This feature allows you to keep track of which keywords you want to use. When you’ve found a tool that meets your needs. After completing your keyword research, you can view all your favourite keywords by clicking the extension icon at the top of your browser

If you’re just starting out, it’s better to have these free extensions instead of forking out money on other tools.

I believe every digital marketer that practices SEO will find keywords Everywhere tool very useful for keyword research.

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